Harley Quinn Costume from Batman Arkham City Asylum

Harley Quinn & Arkham Asylum Rock!

One of the interesting villains in the Batman animated series is Harley Quinn! A little like a female version of Joker? Her  character plays a super villain in the DC Universe. She was first introduced on September 11, 1992. After much controversy whether she will be in the Batman the Dark Knight, it ended after the release of the last sequel having Bane and Catwoman as the main villains in the story.

Despite this she remains to be an intriguing character that Batman fans all over the world still  love. There is testament to this because many like to buy a Halloween Harley Quinn costume for parties to dress up . With this her costumes are very popular for themed parties and gatherings due to the mysterious appeal of the Harley-Quinn look.



The origin of the Haley Quinn character serves as a mystery to many but to give you a clear idea she is the same Harleen Quinzel who plays the role of psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum who became very intrigued with Joker’s profile until she eventually falls in love with the Joker and turned mad and left her job to don a very alluring and tight jester costume and calls herself as Harley Quinn.

The character could have been in the latest sequel of Batman Dark Knight Rises but unfortunately Health Ledger who personified The Joker to the highest level is dead so there is no Harley Quinn as well. But then, the character remains in the lives of many Batman aficionados around the world. The sexy and unique Harley Quinn outfits worldwide show this.


Batman Villain Harley Quinn Sexy Short Dress Costume

Harley Quinn Costumes Variations

Arkham City Never Looked So Hot!

Harley Quinn fanatics out there have plenty of options so they can rock and steal the scenes by wearing these fabulous costumes that will truly make them the star of the event. Officially licensed costumes are widely available online so you can grab the most fantastic Harley Quinn costume without leaving your home. Here are some of the interesting sets:

Gotham Leather Look Pants & Top Sexy Costume

This classic Harley Quinn costumes feature the sexy jester look and anyone can avail this wonderful set at $54.99. This set includes a skin tight black and red jumpsuit with a detachable boot tops in black, gloves in both black and red, white collar, black eye mask and the iconic jester headpiece..

It is available in two sizes such as the small with inseam that measures 26.5 inches and medium that measures 28 inches. The materials used in this costume include polyester and spandex so cleaning is a breeze since these are hand washable.

Harley Quinn Costume Suit - DC  Arkham Asylum


Batman Arkham City Secret Wishes Harley Quinn Adult Costume

This is another variation of the Harley Quinn outfit so wearing this will make you the perfect girl for Joker. If your boyfriend wants to go to Halloween with you as the this villain, you can get cheap Joker makeup here. It comes with a sexy top made from look alike leather with a matching pants, belt, choker and fingerless gloves. The set does not include the make-up and boots so you have to provide for these.

The entire material is polyester that is hand washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Priced at $64.99, this is the ultimate costume that will make you the center of attention in any event.

Batman  Villain Harley Quinn Short Dress

You can be the puzzling girl in the party with this lovely Harley Quinn costume that features a playing cards inspired tight dress in red and black along with a matching gloves made from faux leather. The dress is created with a polyester material making it ideal for hand washing. It is priced at $54.99 and available in four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large.

Batman Arkham City Asylum Short Skirt & Top Outfit

The nurse inspired  costume will definitely give you the strange look just like how you want it to be. The set includes a sexy leather look top with matching pants along with other accessories like the choker, belt and fingerless gloves. It is priced at $54.99 and available in three sizes such as small, medium and large to suit all types of body frames.

With all these choices, you can have the Harley Quinn get up gear that will fit you perfectly. Wearing these costumes can make you instil some mystery into any party so grab a set now and play like the real Harley Quinn.


Cover to Harley Quinn #26.

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