Cat Woman Cosplay Outfits are Hot!

Halloween is just around the corner and Catwoman Cosplay is all the rage this year. After the release of the new film in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises movie, Catwoman is hot property!

Catwoman Cosplay Costume IdeasNeed some pussy cat inspiration on what you are going to wear for your Halloween or themed party? Wearing a Catwoman costume will help express your hidden kitty cat personality! You can have the confidence to transform yourself into any character you like because it’s all in the name of cosplay dress up fun, right? You may want to show off your sexiness and boost your confidence wearing a Catwoman or Cat Girl costume, Catwoman mask, accessories and makeup. No matter what costume you decide on wearing, keep in mind to shop where you can get fast shipping and also a returns policy if you need to change the size, for example.

When getting a perfect outfit, you can easily then accessorize by putting on body face paint or a mask will make a huge impact on your Halloween costume. This will help you stand out from the rest and even get you an award for having the best costume.

Here is a Video showing you how to Paint on a Catwoman Mask.


Sexy Catwoman Bodysuit Costume Mee-ooow. A cat has nine lives right?

Want a Sexy Catwoman Costume?

So lets make the most of them with around nine different ways to look like Catwoman! One of the most popular Catwoman jumpsuits to wear is the adult Catwoman suit including a long sleeve and long leg sexy sleek black jumpsuit with zip at front. The  leather style thigh boot covers and molded eye mask which includes the ears and a classy molded belt complete your Batman costume to perfection. Even Batman himself would be impressed!

Catwoman Costume for KidsCatwoman Costume for Kids

Gotham City has a new little minx in town. It’s the Cat Girl! Straight from The Dark Knight Rises, this is a quality Catwoman Costume for girls that includes a black jumpsuit,  matching belt and Batgirl character eye mask with the cute ears. the kids love this outfit! The outfit for kids – teens is available in Child sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14) It includes the black jumpsuit, the leather look belt and gloves, Catgirl eye mask, ears and shoe covers. This is a cheap option for a costume while still looking great.

Like everything else featured here, All the Catwoman gear is officially licensed.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses

White Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Cat Eye Contacts make a really nice finishing touch to your Catwoman Cosplay costume. You can find some cat eye contact lenses here for Halloween to complete your Catwoman look. There are loads of cat contact lenses to choose from, and they are in white, red, blue and green. There will definitely be a color to suit your needs.

Catwoman Accessories KitCatwoman Accessories can also be a helpful addition to finishing the cosplay dress up. The Catwoman mask and gloves. This basic Accessory kit includes character half mask, glovelets and claws. One size is suitable for most people.

Sexy Catwoman Costume

If you need ideas on how to look like Catwoman, you can browse Google Catwoman Cosplay images different websites about the newest designs for Halloween costumes this 2012. Online stores typically have a compilation of the most extreme costumes.

Shopping online is the easiest way you can go for if you want to save your time and effort. Going online will give you the opportunity of seeing endless number of costumes including accessories, makeup, masks and so much more. Simply go online and keep on browsing and you will definitely get what you are looking for. Have a great Cosplay party!

New Arrival 2012

This sure is one sexy pussycat! This Cat Girl Adult Costume is a backless body suit, zipper down the front, leather look with a strap back. It has a matching belt, sexy black gloves and a cute little cat eye mask. It’s available in Adult Sizes being Small, Medium and Large.

Check out these expensive but beautiful custom Catwoman cosplay photos. Very nice if you have some bucks to spend and are great on a sewing machine or have a good designer! Very nice Catwoman pics all the same! This Squidoo page on Batman Gear has got some cool ideas if you want the Batman on your arm this Halloween.


Catwoman Cosplay Ideas