Batman Costumes for Kids & AdultsBatman fans all over the world were thrilled with the premier of the last sequel, Batman the Dark Knight Rises, but at the same time they felt a little bit of sadness as Batman bids goodbye to the big screen. However, with this, Batman is back again in the hearts of many people and will stay forever with Batman Costumes and other gear like Batman Tshirts, movies, Posters, games etc. that are on the market today. People will never forget Batman with the great number of products that features the hero of Gotham City. From shirts, costumes, mugs and posters to the legendary graphic novels there also come items like Batman iPhone cases that everyone will surely love. Halloween masks are always popular, and this year at parties wearing a Batman mask and The Dark Knight Rises costume will be cool. The big guy will rule!

Finding somewhere online that sells officially licensed Batman products and merchandise is best so you will be assured that you are getting quality original licensed items. Truly, something that will make you proud of as a Batman fan. To give you some idea of these superb, official products offered, here is a rundown of what is available:

Batman  Posters - Classics


Batman Posters

Batman posters are a great way to decorate your home to pay tribute to Batman. These can be framed to preserve its beauty and quality so that you can have a magnificent piece of Batman item in the corners of your home.

A Quality Product?

These posters are affordable, producing a sharp, clean image and a high degree of color accuracy. Your poster is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks. Top quality poster designs.

A section of choices is available for your poster wall art also.  Laminated, framed then you get to choose from animated, comic posters or the plain straight out classics from Batman Forever, Batman Begins, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Bane and the long list goes on.


Batman The Dark Knight Rises BANE Poster 2012

Batman iPhone Cases

These Batman iPhone cases can turn your iPhone into a Batpod in seconds. It comes with interesting designs making it a fan favorite. These Batman cases ranges from $35 to $50 and these are absolutely worth every penny. These cases are suitable for all iPhone generation and iPod Touch as well.

It comes with a padded silicone inner sleeve and ultra thin outer shell that is extremely durable. These Batman iPhone cases are specially designed to expose all buttons and ports for ease of use and maximum functionality.

Batman IPhone Case Collection


Batman Costumes

Who would not want to wear Batman or Catwoman costumes for Halloween? Everybody does so this shop offers the most extensive collection of Batman costumes that are suitable to children and adults. The most popular costume for kids is the Batman the Dark Knight” Deluxe Muscle Chest costume that is available at discounted price. This kind of costume will definitely paint a smile in every child.

Batman adult costumes are also widely available like the Batman: The Brave and the Bold Adult Muscle Chest Costume that can be purchased at $50 to $60. This will make any man rock any event wearing this very special costume.


Batman TShirts from Warner Bros

Batman T-Shirts

Batman shirts are also cool, casual and comfortable clothing apparel, so take time to look at your wonderful options online and see a great variety of Batman shirts for kids, adult guys and girls. These are available in various sizes, designs and colors. There are also women’s shirts that are slim fit if you want to achieve a sexier look. Warner Bros movies and now merchandise has become an integral part of every super heroes dream come true.

These can be very affordable too as you can get one from $10 up to $35 each. The good news is you can get specials of $10 discount if you purchase two or more shirts. So, take a closer look at the various designs like the classic Batman logo and the animated ones that can truly make you drool with admiration.

Catwoman Costume Cosplay is Hot Property in 2012Catwoman Costume

Catwoman cosplay is going to be hot this year. Every kitty cat wants to express their scratchy personality occasionally! She has the confidence to transform into a sleek black body suit because it’s all in the name of cosplay dress up party fun.

For any woman who dares to be wearing a Catwoman mask and sexy black leather look Catwoman costume will drive any true Batman fan wild!


Batman Comics

Batman comics are timeless. So, if you are the kid who grew up reading Batman comics you may want to look at the classic and latest releases and find what is missing in your collection. These are available in soft and hard cover and you will find exciting pieces like the Batman: Arkham Asylum at $17.95 and the Batman: The Long Halloween at $19.95.


Batman Mask for Halloween 2012


Halloween Masks

Who says that a Halloween mask should always feature scary characters? Wearing Batman masks for the Halloween party is the latest trend today so take a look at this website and see Batman masks that are both suitable for adults and kids.

Priced at a few dollars each you can truly be the star of the party with these exciting Batman mask ideas.


A history of Halloween can be seen here.

The latest Dark Knight Rises movie evil villain who we all love to hate was the infamous Bane this time around, instead of the crazy Joker played by Heath Ledger. Tom Hardy played Bane in the latest movie and had to really put weight on to play the role. Another funny thing is that he wasn’t all that keen on Batman in real life anyway!

If you would like to watch the Batman Movie trailer click here. Or watch the trailer below.


Here is a Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Here is a look at the Bane Mask for Halloween Fun!